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1) Quality Assurance

Quality and value for our money it a high priority for us. Before we consider offering a manufactures items we give a complete inspection.  Things that we consider are is the quality of the material and once satisfied we move to examine the construction of the item. How well was it made, the clasp, post, shank thickness, pin assembly for bracelets and watches are just some of the few things we inspect. We also  look for the quality of the finish and plating. And does it offer value. Not many pieces pass are quality test but when they do they will be show cased here for our online customers to see first. Where we invite you and ask your opinion on each of the items we offer. If your not happy and we read about. That item will be remover from our inventory.
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2) Our Jewelry Policy

We understand things happen. If for some reason you need to return you items please following our simple return policy. As long as the items has not been worn and it in the same condition as purchased and within 30 day of the day your item was delivered it qualifies for R.M.A. number. Please read more about it in the Customer Service section.
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3) Product Information

All the items we offer are described in detail. We first provide you with images from different angles so can get a better idea and feel for the item. We then proceed to list the material contained in the manufacturing of the item. We lastly include measurement of the item to better assist you in deciding if this item meets your requirements.
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4) Jewelry Metal Materials

If you had a chance to browse through a few pages of our website you'll notice in the category section all of our items are first broken down into style and then material. So if there is a certain material you interested in. It's easy to find. Each of the items we offer are clearing marked by the manufacture as the material each piece is constructed of. We also inspect each of the items for type of material before we label and price the item with out tags.
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5) Jewelry Gemstone Materials

We use a wide variety of gemstones stretching the gamut. From natural gemstones to synthetic. These days it's becoming more difficult to tell the difference in some cases. No need to worry we do all of the homework for you. When and item is labeled with particular gemstone description you could rest assure it is. We not only confirm it with the manufacture but we also confirm it with our experience and knowledgeable staff.
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6) Industry Variances

There are variances in every industry and are is no different. A 1/4 to 3/8 inch or ring size is generally considered acceptable within our trade. As for gemstones depending on the size it could very plus or minus (+ or -) between 1% to 5% in terms of weight. And as for measurements in terms of millimeters 10% (+ or -) is acceptable.
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7) Jewelry Maintenance

Please check out the product description of the products.
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8) Value

As indicated above our normal fulfillment rate is about 80%.
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9) Returns

We will try our best to satisfy customers request in a timely manner Contact Us
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10) Suggestions

You do not need to have a company in order to buy.
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