Free Moissanite Jewel Studs


At Russell's Jewelers, Beverly Hills, California we offer the highest quality jewelry items at the lowest prices available anywhere! To prove this, we have compiled a list of  reasons why you should purchase from us:

Free Ring Box! - To make the perfect presentation!

Free C. Z. Earring - Stunning Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver stud earrings!

Free Jewel Gleam - In all my 25 years of being in the jewelry business, from years of being on the bench doing repairs and stone setting to manufacturing, polishing and cleaning jewelry I have not found a better cleaning solution then "JewelGleam". It is so strong you only need 5 grams or about a level teaspoon to make 16 oz's of full strength industrial grade jewelry cleaner. That's equivalent to four - 4 oz jars of regular jewelry store cleaner, which can cost about $5.00 a jar for a total of $20.00. If you though regular jewelry cleaner was impressive wait till you try "JewelGleam" I promise you, you'll be amazed.

Truly the professional way to maintain fine jewelry. Gold, platinum, precious gems and diamonds take on that "showcase" sparkle when bathed in "JewelGleam" amazing jewelry cleaner. Wash away the lotions, oils and daily grime that build up on your valuable treasures through exposure to the elements and restore them to their original brilliance. Since "JewelGleam" contains no ammonia it's also safe to use on all porous stones such as opals, coral, onyx and turquoise.

How to use:
Use a 16 oz container add in "JewelGleam" concentrate powder fill with distill or tap water pour into four - 4 oz containers or use 1/4 teaspoon to 4 oz's of warm water, save the rest and use when needed. Then simply set you jewelry in "JewelGleam" for no more than 20 minutes, use a soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush for the tuff stuff. Or just dip, swish, rinse and wipe clean with a soft cotton cloth and presto, your ready to show off your beautiful newly rediscovered treasures to the world.

We are very fortunate to be the exclusive distributors of "JewelGleam" in our industry. Which means you won't find this awesome product anywhere else. However we are offering it absolutely Free with any purchase. Even if for some reason you decide to return your purchase "JewelGleam" is yours to keep and enjoy our way of saying thank you for your patronage.

At this time we are not planning on any expensive packaging or shipping it already prepared, that would only add to the weight and shipping cost and printing fancy labels can be expensive. You'll receive "JewelGleam" in a small plastic bag ready to use or store at your convince.


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