Here is a quick rundown of how we would create your custom item is made.

Once we receive your order we will then start to create a 3D CAD rendition of your item based on the images you provided us with for you to approve or suggest changes.

This a very time-consuming process since we do not have the actual item. We will need to work with the rendition until it resembles the images as close as possible however there other factors that we need to consider.

Once the CAD rendition resembles your image we then need to look at it from a "How to Construct" point of view to make sure we are able to assemble it correctly.

Once the CAD rendition is approved by you we will then print the wax which is exactly the same as the CAD rendition and cast it in the desired color 14 karat gold requested. We then inspect the casting for defects. If any are found we will cast the item again at our expense.

However, if all is well with the casting we will start the process of working with your custom item to expose the details by grinding, filing, sanding, tumbling and polish which is all done by hand. Once the "finish" of the ring has been completed and is as it should be we will begin to prep the mounting so we may begin setting the required stones with the required calibrated drills and burs so they may be set securely.

We will then handpick the required diamonds and gemstones and begin the process of hand setting them which is a very meticulous process.

Once the stones are set as they should be your custom item will receive a final polish and then rhodium plate and then a final inspection and then shipped to you.

We stand behind our custom work. Should any of the diamonds fall out we would replace them absolutely

I want to assure you when I am finished with your item it will be stunning! Awaiting your reply, Russell..(:

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