Custom Made Jewelry

If you wanted to have a custom piece of jewelry made and brought me gold mined from the earth, scrap gold, broken pieces of gold jewelry or even dental gold I would refine it to 24 karat gold and then alloy it to any gold color or karat you like such as rose, white or yellow gold in either 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat.

I would first carve a wax of a design or style jewelry you desire. Present it to you for your approval or any modification to be made. Once approved, I would proceed with casting the item into gold. After the casting has been completed and prepared properly I would then pick and set the correct size and grade diamonds or gemstones needed for the project. When complete it will be stunning.

There’s been much advancement within our industry since then but some things will never change for me. My dedication to my customers and providing beautiful quality jewelry to be cherished for generations.

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