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Back Stock Notification

Back Stock “Notification”

We are doing our best to provide our customers with a complete order; through our new website, customers will be able to be notified with any and all back stocked items. If you would like for us to notify you with any back stocked items please click “Yes” on the notification.

Before your shipment is processed and invoiced we will notify you with any back stocked items. During this time you may choose to process your order with the back stocked items to be shipped when they become available or substitute them with other items.

We will notify you

If you clicked “Yes” on the back stocked notification there is a 1 day delay in shipping. One of our team members will notify you via. Email or Call you in regards to the back stocked items.

If you are unavailable, we will leave you a Message or Email you, regarding the status. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours your back stocked items (under $50.00) will automatically be canceled and your shipment will be shipped out.