Recycle Your Old Jewelry

Recycled precious metals are an important part of Russell’s Jewelers commitment to our environment.

Whenever possible we encourage customers to recycle their old, unused, broken gold jewelry to purchase or create the masterpiece of their dreams. We will refine the gold and alloy it to any color and karat desired. Any surplus gold can be applied towards a new purchase, a new creation or we can send you a check for the balance.

Gather your loose diamonds, gemstones and old scrap jewelry, send me a picture of them and let's see what wonderful creation can be custom made for you.

Another important commitment to us is the removal of plastic from our environment.

I remember a time when the only debris washed up on shore was a bit of driftwood, tumbled glass and seaweed. Today those same shores are collection spots for plastic of all sorts. My quest is to reverse the damage created by plastic made with petroleum by supporting the use of BioPlastics a renewable earth friendly product. Please say no to
petroleum-base plastic whenever possible.

Thank you for shopping our Etsy store!

Russell Robert
Russell’s Jewelers
Beverly Hills, California

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